Magic Man - Brad Hatcher - Magician | Boise, ID

By bradwhatcher, Nov 19 2016 02:09AM

Call Magic Man Brad Hatcher for you next event with entertainment or decorations. Entertainment with stage or close-up strolling magic. Balloon decorations with arches, columns, themes, characters, table center pieces; helium and air balloons; latex and mylar balloons.

6 foot caped hero $75

batman2 by Sherry Y6feet not many mini-minion members of the house

Happy helper friend $15

Barbie 2 foot by Sherry2 Barbie tower 30 by Sherry2 Minnie mouse tower 60 by Sherry2 batman2 by Brad (1) batman column by Brad cub scout balloons by Brad1 baby bottle with bb n stork (1) baby tower (1) birthday column by brad flower tower by brad monster balloons by brad1 wedding table centerpiece1 by Brad2 wedding balloon table centerpiece2 by Brad2

Birthday girl 2 foot tower $20

Birthday girl 4 foot tower $30

7.5 foot hero tower w/helium $35

Masked hero $8

about 21 inches

5 foot girl mouse $75

Blue & Gold Cub Scouts $10 each.  Stands not included.

Stork $20; 4 foot baby bottle $40 without baby

Baby tower $50 about 4-5 feet with baby

Monster balloons $60 for three stacked in a column.

7 foot flower tower $70

5 foot birthday tower $35

Wedding table center pieces $20 for one; $15 each for 6 or more

Helium latex balloons:

11'' round $2.50 each

16" round $7.50 each

30" & 36" round $75 each

4' chloroprene $170

8' chloroprene $1335


Add $0.50 per balloon for hi-float.  


11" round helium with confetti $4.00 each

16" round helium with confetti $9.00 each


sesame buddies big bird and Mr K the frog

Sesame Buddies $20 for all 4

Mr. K the frog and bird friend $10 for both.

6 foot Pirate Tower $60

Mr K with banjo by Brad

Mr. K with banjo $25

pirate ship tower2 by brad 5 foot Elsa 2 foot by Brad Elsa 4 foot by Brad

Four foot princess tower, two sided face balloon.  $35

Two foot princess table centerpiece, two sided face balloon.  $20

table center pieces at Nampa Civic Center by Brad

27 Table Center Pieces $400

hearts in balloon table center piece by Brad heart in balloon table center piece by Brad table ctr piece 50 anniv by Brad n Sherry

For more ideas or suggestions, please see other photos on my Pinterest page at:        My account setting just says, "Magic Man Brad" on Pinterest.  Some of these designs I have not tried yet but would be glad to give you a quote if interested or you can send me a photo to quote.  

balloon flower 3 foot suspended by Brad n Sherry balloon snowflake 3 ft suspended by Brad n Sherry

3 foot suspended snoflake  & 3 foot suspended flower $40 each;  Can be suspended from most ceilings up to 30 feet high.  Other suspended decorations available.  

BSU helium confetti 16 inch by Brad.3JPG

16 inch helium with confetti.  $450.00 for 50 balloons with weights you keep if wanted.

balloon net drop by Brad

4.5’ x 15’ balloon drop net delivered, installed, filled with balloons & taken down (no other fees); You pull the draw string when ready to open net & let balloons fall out of net:  with 250  11 inch latex round balloons in multiple colors:  $300.00  

    For 150 to 250 of 18 inch round mylar balloons in multiple colors:  $400.00  (150 mylar balloons shown in photo but room for more if desired)


palm trees by Brad

5 foot palm trees $85 each

balloon clusters by Brad

$5 per cluster (5 balloons in each cluster of 11 inch balloons without helium).

3 foot helium clusters by Brad

30 & 36 inch helium balloons $75 each

Ariel2 column by Sherry

Mermaid column $60

Sales tax will be added to each balloon decoration