Magic Man - Brad Hatcher - Magician | Boise, ID

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flower topper tower by Brad princess arch 25ft Hello Kitty arch 25ft

$285 for 25 foot Princess arch

$300 for 25 foot Hello Kitty arch.   arch.

Princess towers 2 balloons by Brad

2 Princess towers $180 with flag, cone, and chain.

$520 BSU stadium 45 foot arch with 10 foot high sides (air filled) and a 25 foot helium spiral arch on top

45 arch part helium, rail balloons2 Mickey arch square by Brad

28 foot Mickey arch and two columns at 4 feet high.  $300

38 foot square arch Demeyer by Brad

38 foot square arch $380

Mickey square arch 2 by Brad 24 feet cub balloons 5 to 9 cup balloons 1 to 4 Sea balloons2 by Brad

Balloon in a cup of candy: 1 for $15 and 10 for $12 each.  Great for birthday party give-aways.  

Sea Creature balloons; All 4 for $22

xmas tree balloon by Brad, Sherry2

4 foot Christmas tree $85