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5 foot suspended balloon columns by Brad balloon snowflake 3 ft suspended by Brad n Sherry balloon net drop by Brad balloon flower 3 foot suspended by Brad n Sherry

3 foot suspended snoflake  & 3 foot suspended flower $40 + tax each;  Can be suspended from most ceilings up to 30 feet high.  Other suspended decorations available.

4.5’ x 15’ balloon drop net delivered, installed, filled with balloons & taken down (no other fees); You pull the draw string when ready to open net & let balloons fall out of net:  with 250  11 inch latex round balloons in multiple colors:  $300.00 + tax

    For 150 to 250 of 18 inch round mylar balloons in multiple colors:  $400.00 + tax (150 mylar balloons shown in photo but room for more if desired)


5 foot suspended columns $65 + tax each; with 18" mylar football

balloon chandelier by Sherry Balloon chandelier2 by Sherry

Balloon Chandelier $150 + tax


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