Fizz, Boom, Read - The 2014 library theme and Brad's program for ages 4-12. Children will hear concepts of building their vocabulary, electronic circuitry, physics, science, and chemistry. People get to see Brad visually defy gravity and change the speed.


Halloween Magic- A kid-friendly program with familiar Halloween characters and a safety tip.


Christmas Magic - Fun-filled, magical 45 minutes all about familiar Christmas symbols and stories from Santa, Frosty, and Rudolph. This show explains the true meaning of Christmas to ages 4-12.


Every Hero Has a Story - From everyday true-life heroes to fictional superheroes, Brad uses magic to capture the imagination, broaden appreciation, and inspire more reading about heroes. Geared to ages 4-11.






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Bullying has become a huge issue around the world which is why we offer a program called "The No-Bully Zone" This program teaches children about why it is so important to not bully others. Through magic, Brad teaches children about the effects of bullying and its characteristics, how to prevent bullying, and bystander responses.

Magical stories of Dr. Seuss

Brad Hatcher presents a motivational assembly program made especially for elementary school and library audiences. This reading assembly program is based on literature and book characters that kids already know and love, based on those by Dr. Seuss.


Teaching children important lessons about reading or bullying is fun when you do it through magic. The Reading is Magic program emphasizes books and reading by using children's favorite characters and magic.


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• Alice in Wonderland

• Johnny Appleseed

• Three Billy Goats Gruff

• The Three Bears

• Betsy Ross and the First Flag

• Air-Head Rudy

We'll come to your school or library and present a program that encourages learning through fun.

Reading is Magic shows 

No-bully zone


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HALLOWEEN MAGIC”  Kid-friendly Halloween magic with familiar characters.  Grades K-6.  45 minute program

“READING IS MAGIC”  Grades K-6.  Classical literature from Johnny Appleseed to Alice in Wonderland.   45 minutes

"Fizz, Boom, Read" science theme.  Brad shows magical demonstrations with electricity, defies gravity, and shows kids that science is a lot of fun.

“NO-BULLY ZONE”  Eight learning outcomes.  Grades K-6.   45 minutes.

A Cat & a Hat and Green Eggs & Jam”  Celebrate Dr. Seuss and his magical stories.  45 minutes, grades K-6.

Reading is Magic Teachers Guide

A Cat in a Hat and Green Eggs and Jam Teachers Guide and Show Description

Elephant bird

The Elephant Bird from Horton

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"Build a Better World"     (2017 national library theme)

Architecture! Construction! Bulldozers! Houses! Skyscrapers! Brad’s new show, The Build a Better World Magic Show is all about building things. BIG things! Fun for children and parents alike, this exciting show features stories and books mixed with magic, all about hammers and nails, bricks and mortar, girders and rivets, and what those things can make. As always, Brad’s new show is interactive, so children get to be architects, designers, construction workers, plumbers, electricians and more to help create the magic all along the way! The Build a Better World Magic Show is 45 minutes long, highlights books and reading, is suitable for ages 4-12 and entertaining for parents as well as children.